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All students, once they graduate from senior high school, realize that they should probably head off to college within the fall, however, many are unsure of the things they would like to do before investing in a full four-year degree program. Instead, it makes much more sense to earn an associates degree, which is a Two year degree, at vocational schools. There are many community colleges situated in each state, even though providing outstanding teaching, they are available cheaper than a four-year college and university. The credits that you simply make money an associate of arts degree can be applied to a four-year degree, so that you would start out at a university or college already at the Junior year-level.


Along with associate of arts degree programs, vocational schools offer certificate programs. These certificate programs teach marketable skills and frequently could be completed in under two years, giving you the chance to study an area that you simply enjoy and quickly earn certificates that may qualify you for more job opportunities. Certificate programs are specifically appealing not only to recent high school graduates, but also to returning older students who would like to increase their resumes or just learn new skills to make themselves more marketable.

Community, also known as junior, colleges do not offer housing to students. They are doing offer night courses and frequently flexible scheduling, which might permit you to work when you are while attending college to earn an associates degree. Junior colleges also offer educational funding to students who want to earn a 2 year degree or who want to enroll in certificate programs. Programs are usually readily available for seniors as well, in an even more reduced tuition rate.

If you wish to earn your GED, there are adult education classes offered at junior colleges enabling you to achieve this. Junior colleges, as well as four-year colleges, offer Running Start programs for high school students at no cost. If you start when you are sixteen years old, you are able to graduate from senior high school with not only your senior high school diploma but also your degree completed from junior college too at no cost to you.

An associates degree from a junior college will typically transfer to a four-year college or university. It is advisable to communicate with the four-year school in advance of the transfer, to make sure that the classes you're taking in your associate of arts degree they will accept for transfer. You will usually be taking general education classes at junior college that you'd need to take at the four-year college anyway, for example English, Math, History and so on, and so you simply take these classes at junior college instead. Find out more about associates or certificate programs online at school websites.

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