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There are many types on van available on the market and choosing that is for you could be tricky. Each van brand name has it's own specs and uniqueness, which makes it differ from another. Understanding what to look out for when looking for either a new or indeed and old van can be tricky.

Whether it's a Volkswagen that you have set your heart on then this is a popular choice and also the love of these vans is shared by many. They are, as a whole, reliable vehicles and have many great features including spacious interiors and an enjoying drive. If you're thinking of an order then there are things to what out for and appearance for and we have listed a few below.

Clearly whether it's a new model you're opting for then you are covered by a great warranty and should try to get as best a price and add ons as the dealer is willing to be haggled right down to.

If you are purchasing a used Volkswagen, particularly if it's a classic, there's something you should consider and you should never spend any money before you are sure you're making a safe investment.

volkwagen van parts

Despite the passion and love an owner may show for the vehicle, it is crucial that they have also looked after it and maintained it regularly. Things like oil leaks ought to be sort for and this can only be carried out when it's not raining. Check the ground in which the van is parked and check for leaks. If leaks can be found, you'll need to know exactly what's needed to treat them, and also the cost of this.

The floor pans and roof (if tin in particular) should also be checked for rust or damage. Fibre glass roofs ought to be checked for cracks and appear roofs need to be verified as they can break easily- both the arms and fabric could possibly get damaged.

Timing belts will also be notorious for needing replacement and is very expensive to replace. In fact, the timing belt is one of the most valuable parts of the vehicle. Whether it has been replaced already then you need to ensure you know when so you can determine how long it will be before you will have to replace this again.

Check all of the electric parts to the van including lights and also the wiring. Wiring can often be manipulated therefore, there should be an understanding of why.

Chassis issues will also be common. The two rails, jacking joints and outriggers should be rust free and whole. If patches are present ensure the quality of the weld and that rust isn't jeopardising it.

It's as important that the van can run correctly as it's looks are appealing to the eye so do ensure you result in the above checks carefully before choosing. If unsure or in doubt take advice from a qualified specialist who could guide you into making the right decision.

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